Signs You Need Rest Of Wedding Preparations

August 31, 2015

Shadows that you will have a life that will soon change not only the mind can make you feel scared, but the body may show signs of fatigue. Give more attention to yourself, and do not let the body is forced to carry out all activities without adequate rest. Can not sleep Drama wedding preparations […]

Tips to Stay Ahead Romantic Wedding

August 29, 2015

The wedding day should be the happiest time is eagerly awaited by the bride and groom. Take a moment in the midst of your busy wedding dress hunt, meeting with the decorator to food testing. You and your partner so that the fabric remains strong even until the reception ends and is ready to enter […]

Color Lipstick For Wedding Reception

August 5, 2015

Together with the choice of wedding dress and hair style that makes you like the queen of the day, choice of color lipstick should not be spared from a list of your wedding preparations. Discuss with wedding make-up artist of your choice while make-up test. Nude Is a nude color lipstick choice that suits any […]

Wedding Invitation Trends 2015

May 26, 2015

Choosing wedding invitations no less difficult than the other elements of your wedding preparations. Because the wedding invitation is good but should be informative, to be able to represent the overall theme of your wedding. Overall, the trend of wedding invitation design this year returned to the classic and simple design. Floral nuances popular again […]

Avoid These Foods By Day Wedding

May 17, 2015

You’re busy with wedding preparations? Avoid some foods and drinks that can give adverse effects to the body. It’s worth a couple of months before the wedding day, you begin to reduce and switch to a healthier intake. Consider the following explanation: 1. Fast Food You are very busy with various activities? Does not mean […]

Arguments Dampen Wedding Day Ahead

July 11, 2014

Bride and groom before the wedding day to mess around with preparation agenda and details of the wedding party, it makes sense of the bride and groom to be sensitive and easy-going argument with a partner. Your future husband and even forget to say hello to each other. The days ahead of the wedding was […]