Tips for Choosing a Vendor Photobooth For Wedding

October 28, 2015

An old song from Bread titled If say, “If the picture paints a thousand words”. A photograph can tell stories that happen when the moment immortalized. So no wonder, now a wedding gift trends began to shift, from the form of the object to the instant photo own company or photobooth. Photobooth mushrooming trend of […]

Tips Determining Vendors Wedding Caterers

October 27, 2015

Food became one vital thing in the wedding party. Wedding caterers are items that spend huge funds, after leasing the building. Naturally, because most people still consider the success of a feast of tasty food whether or not provided. Seeing the big budget, it feels sad when during the day the food provided does not […]

Tips Honeymoon With Festive Offers Budget

October 12, 2015

Has become the dream of every newlyweds to honeymoon and enjoy the beautiful times of both the beloved. Unfortunately, not all couples have a sufficient budget to honeymoon in a luxury place. Well, just. You can still live a honeymoon budget. You can use the services of a travel agent to plan a honeymoon. Travel […]

Healthy Snacks For the bride

September 29, 2015

Every bride would want to look excellent at the wedding. For brides who are on a diet and follow beauty treatments, it does not mean you can not eat a snack. You just need to pay attention to a snack that goes into your body. Consumption of healthy snacks to keep fit before the wedding […]

Why Should Wear wedding ring After Married?

July 6, 2015

Wedding ring was evidence someone had been married. But it turned out, the meaning of a wedding ring is not only a marker so someone already married. There are several meanings of a wedding ring, so that jewelry has become a symbol of the union of two hearts and two souls become one. This is […]

About This Before Buying a Wedding Gown

June 13, 2015

All matters relating to marriage, surely it is very important for the bride and groom. Building, catering, invitations, date, until the wedding dress. Choosing and buying a wedding dress is certainly not trivial. Given the dress will be used in one of the most important moments in your life, and can not be repeated. Before […]

Decorating Idea For Wedding Car

June 3, 2015

Ideas for decorating the bridal car to be one thing that what to realized. The reason, this habit is started is rarely done. Especially if you intend to decorate with unique themes and interesting. Ranging from rustic vintage feel to the style. Now, it does not hurt to bring a unique detail as complementary elements in […]

5 Wedding Hairstyles for Men

May 25, 2015

Weddings are usually a big deal for many. It is probably the most important day in one’s life. Everyone wants to make sure their wedding day goes perfect. One way of ensuring this is by looking your best on this day. This day is usually recorded for memories. You will have photos taken and there […]

How to Choose Wedding Caterers

May 23, 2015

When you decide to plan a wedding, a crucial first thing you should look at is selecting the right catering vendor. In addition to a matter of taste, you also have to make sure to get the best service on your wedding day. Consider the following tips that can make it easier: Survey The first […]

Tips for Choosing a Beautiful Wedding Dress For Tiny Small Body Shape

May 19, 2015

Ladies, who is not happy when he’s applying for and want to make your life partner? All women would want that to happen, and if it is planning a wedding, you will surely be busy activity with the event choosing a wedding dress. You might like to look around a model wearing a wedding dress […]