The Cause of Divorce Is Often Ignored & Never Told

No husband and wife have the desire to divorce after marriage. As much as possible the marriage can last and endure until death separates. But what can you do if in the end it is this decision to make?

According to research on divorce at the University of Maryland, you always have a 50:50 chance of living together until old with your partner. Of course this is not surprising, everyone will know that too. But the reasons for divorce are often surprising.

Jessica Elizabeth Opert, a marriage expert, says that divorce can be triggered by small and everyday problems that lead to the loss of interaction between the two.

1.Lack of eye contact

Jessica explains, when someone is asked how she can know that the couple loves her, they will answer from the way she sees. “Eye contact with the couple becomes one of the barometers of knowing how close and in each other’s feelings.Chatting without looking at each other’s faces can Reduce the bond of love.

2.Social media addiction

Too often associated with social media can keep you with a partner. You become less interaction and direct communication with a partner because busy with the virtual world. Not only take time each other, sosmed also makes you more ignore his needs.

3.Too dear

Strange is not it? Why is it too dear and often together can separate you? When you are too dependent on him to lose the side of your individuality, you will feel very bored and tired. Too affection can also be interpreted as possessive attitude. You are too ‘sticking’ to him, or otherwise he who always wants to know everything about you. For a long time you will be tired of this binding attitude.

There are three causes of divorce that are often unconscious and even rarely said. Many people think that divorce can only be triggered by big problems like cheating, finances, long distance relationship, and no more trust.

As much as possible avoid the three things above yes, though seem trivial but can destroy relationships. Hopefully this article useful for you who are married or who want to get married.

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