The Surprises You Will Find When Honeymoon in Japan

Japan can indeed be a romantic and perfect place for honeymooners, but wait a minute! There are 7 things that will surprise you when you honeymoon to Japan.As reported by,some of the 7surprises may look strange but it could be make you more in love withJapan and make your honeymoonEexperience more memorable.

1.Many Strange People

One of the most famous things in Japan is otaku. These otaku are people who are very obsessed with a hobby.Even the hobby is like having mastered the person himself.There are several types otaku like otaku manga,anime otaku, otaku cosplay, otaku game,otaku figure, otaku train, and so on.And otaku itself is already part of JapanesePop culture.

2.Stuttering English

Japan is not a country that uses English as a first language.Although Japan is an advanced country, many of its citizens do not speakEnglish.

3.Too Many Trains

You may be surprised when you catch a train because of the many specialTrain tracks and the number of trains that are veryMuch at all.When you see the railroad map,you can make a headache directly made.

4.Everything Looks Funny

When traveling to Japan,you may often hear the Japanese shouting,”Kawaii!” It’s a word called every time you see something that looks funny and cute.In Japan,everything is made funny and cute,even everyCity also has its own very cute mascot.

5.Rainy season

In most parts of Japan,summer is not only hot but also rain that often goes down.This rainy season is different in everyRregion of Japan.

6.Must be Naked

It’s not legitimate to visitJapan if you have not enjoyed a hot bath in the onsen.One thing that most often makes a strangerSurprised is the need to be naked to be able to bathe in the onsen.

7.Long Queue for a bowl of Ramen

A very competitive JapaneseRestaurant.Once a famous restaurant,consumers will not hesitate to queue long.

Hopefully this article can provide useful information for those of you who want to travel to Japan. Have fun.

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