Tips If you are married in the Holiday Season

Tips If you are married in the Holiday Season

Married in tropical regions where the weather is always feels sunny throughout the year will definitely be a distinct advantage. But when summer comes, you also have to adjust to a more moist air. To ensure the comfort of the guests invited, consult with the wedding organizer in order to create an atmosphere of a wedding party were as comfortable as possible.

  • Lodging
    Make sure you provide lodging for guests in attendance, equipped with air conditioning. Avoid eco-friendly inn is the trend, let alone to live people in large quantities. As hot as any in the day, your guests would want to sleep comfortably at night.
  • Right time
    Avoid having the reception at noon. Starting at 11 am, usually the weather is just going to get hot and cool air will come back after 3:30 in the afternoon. Even with a tent, your guests will pass the summer time is quite heavy, and reluctant to walk in the middle of the party location is directly exposed to sunlight.
  • Booth Drink
    In hot weather, your guests will definitely be more susceptible to dehydration. Consult with the wedding caterer to put the booth drink more in some corners of the venue. For a more practical, place the dispenser of fresh drinks or glasses of mineral water packaging tastefully furnished.

  • Functional souvenir
    After guests sign the guest book, give a wedding gift that is both functional and can be used in hot air. For example fans, or sunglasses. In addition to wedding souvenirs, you can also provide a pretty paper umbrellas for guests to use.
  • Additional Supplies
    Most of the wedding venue is located on the beach or in the open garden. It is not common to put air conditioning in the outdoor venue large enough, except the chosen location is a seaside resort that is associated with the hotel. Just expect a naturally fresh breeze is certainly not enough, you have to start preparing extra equipment such as fans and tents to provide comfort to the guests in attendance.

Prepare your wedding party as well as possible. Make this moment memorable for you and your partner, good luck.

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