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Bride suit

Bride suit

Almost all of the bride dresses are usually focused thinking about the day of his course and unconsciously subordinated fashion lover. Especially when our prince was not categorized as ‘fashion conscious’, be a perfunctory fashion that wearing a suit is important.

Though choosing wedding suit has its own art you know, and certainly in the modern world is a man no less fashionable than women. So, make sure he’s not out of style.

Material Suit  Bride

There are several types of materials to suit the groom but the best is wool because the material is a little heavy so it does not fall neatly and easily wrinkled. Type the most expensive wool and good can not be seen from the brand or motif contained in the material but should be seen from the weight, composition and finishing materials.

In addition, wool is also very suited to the climate in Indonesia. Especially at this time, more sophisticated wool for better processing, thin and not hot, adapted to the climate of Indonesia. Average for Asia climate combined with cotton wool, silk and polyester.

Materials including wool silk wool best and expensive at the moment. Wool is loved by young people today are shining material wool and wool silk Italy Italy, the texture of the material is shiny and very noticeable when worn.

For those of you who have a limited budget but still want to get a suit made and good quality, you can use the high-twist material (polyester) / semi wool. Basically, the material is the best wedding suit is wool, but for an alternative, you can use semi-worsted material. Even this quality is not inferior to wool; mild, not hot, bad use, and relatively inexpensive. However certainly in terms of finishing has many shortcomings.

Obviously, avoid materials that are identical to formal dress like shantung and wool linen hot. As for the hold traditional wedding, traditional wedding suit best fixed with a texture made of wool and sequin custom tailored to the marriage.

Pattern and Color

Nice shades depending on whether or not a person’s appetite. But the groom’s suit remains the most classic plain jet black. Super black could be an option because it looks more graceful. Even plain looks more formal and elegant, and materials over the line to give the impression of dynamic and fashionable.

The color should be adjusted with the color of the wedding dress and time of the event. Approximately 70% of grooms Asia was still choose black as their favorite color coat. However, for the blessing of being held in the daytime, it may be better to use colors other than black as dark gray, brown, green and champagne.

Not Just Buttons

In 2007, the bride more fond of simple models that suit single breasted and not much more that ordered models breasted double (double decker jacket with studs) or tuxedo (jacket with tails) are impressive aristocratic.

About the number of buttons is still between 1-4 buttons, depending on taste. 3-button suit is a favorite wedding dresses this year, many are wanting suit low-cut collar with 1 or 2 buttons only. Buttons 1 and 2 are favorable to the bride who was rather fat or short, whereas the 3 or 4 buttons good for tall brides because getting a good posture.

Color buttons can be customized with color wedding suit, can be made of cloth or synthetic fiber wrap. Some are like metal buttons with color doff.

Shirt, Vest & Tie

The inside is also important to the outside. For the shirt, people are more inclined to choose the color broken white / ivory cotton. Do not forget to adjust the color of the wedding dress. Colorful tie color can be adjusted as needed.

Model bow tie is still interested even though the model is still reference  more popular in Europe and not in Asia, off white color could be a good mix. Bow tie is actually a grip of a suit and a tuxedo is great if all companion wear.

The use of vest is not mandatory. But to look where the bride, typically vest becomes a decisive accessories. Like the use of sequins on the kebaya, not mandatory, but making kebaya a more steady and solid partner.

Brides who like the style conservatives usually just wear a shirt and tie used as equivalent to single breasted suits her. If you want to add a vest, dark colors are usually selected match the jacket. As for the impression glam suitable for evening reception party for the bride more cool, gold or shiny slippery material that can be a glamorous choice.

Matching Shoes

Wedding suit ideally paired with strappy shoes models with few rights and black of course, to be more formal and elegant impression. Other than that white shoes are also in vogue as well as their white coats.

As for the traditional bridal wear suits, slippers can use as its equivalent, or adapted to the traditional customs of each region.


Choose made of wool because the material is soft, not hot and comfortable.
Jackets made from wool should not be washed and should be dry-cleaned.
Ask to accompany a team of designers to choose colors, materials and cutting tools because they can drive properly so as to create a great couture and in line with your character.

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