Tips Wedding in Rainy Season

Tips Pesta Pernikahan di Musim Hujan

The rainy season has arrived. If you are planning a wedding anywhere near this, think about all the ways to make up with the rain during the wedding ceremony took place. Although not expected to come, the rain may be inevitable. Prepare a contingency plan so that the wedding party is still running smoothly.

  • Documentation
    Photographer you choose should have a backup plan in case of rain. Better yet, a professional wedding photographer can even capture a romantic moment when it was raining. Do not forget to discuss the possibility of rain at the time of the wedding, also show the location of the wedding before the event so that the photographer can recognize venue well and saves preparation time when the rain actually arrives.
  • Decor
    Umbrellas with attractive colors can be a decoration at the same facility that can actually be used when it rains. Umbrellas used by guests and in harmony with the concept of the party will also make the wedding the rain washed it look nicer.
  • Venue Reserves
    Make sure you have the wedding party place shelter to shelter or spare room if it rains to the extent not possible to hold the event outdoors. You can also set the room into semi-outdoor with a tent put up in some corner of the venue.

  • Finery
    Be careful with the makeup you wear. Consult with a makeup artist of your choice. Be sure to use a primer before applying foundation, and of course use waterproof makeup department as a precaution.
  • Optimistic
    If it rains, the main thing you have to do is show an optimistic attitude and stay positive. Do not let the weather affect you and your partner happy day. It could even be an unforgettable moment that can be a romantic story later.

Thus five things you need to prepare when will hold a wedding ceremony in the rainy season. We wish you successful special events, yes.

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