Treat Your Wedding Ring

The events are very happy when you put a wedding ring on the finger of your partner. Not only worn a wedding ring when wedding ceremony, but you can wear every day. Wedding rings is one of the jewels that are used as a symbol of a binder in a marriage. It is important to maintain and care for the wedding rings that are not easily damaged.

Here are some tips on caring for your wedding ring:

1. Keep in a safe place
It is advisable to keep a ring or other jewelry in the bag anti stain. However, if you do not have it, save it in a box lined fabric and place it in a drawer.

2. Clean the ring to a professional place regularly
This is one thing that must be done to keep your wedding ring. A professional will clean your ring up into the gaps, not just the visible eye.

3. Do not forget to clean also at home
You can clean jewelry by soaking it in warm water and dish washing soap, then use a soft brush to rub it.

4. Insure the ring
As a precaution in case of loss, you should insure a wedding ring. Although not necessarily return, the insurer may reduce emotional distress if they occur.

5. Remove the ring when performing certain activities
Gold very easily scratched so shall be removed when doing heavy work. Similarly, when you swim, you should first save to avoid losing time in the pool.

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