Uniquely World’s Longest Wedding Gown

The longest wedding dress

The longest wedding dress

Every woman would want to be queen one day and the only center of attention in the happy days of their marriage. Therefore, brides are always looking for a wedding dress that can make them look different.

And a silk wedding dress with tulle at the bottom of the combination has been stealing the attention of thousands of people in Italy. The designer Gianni Molaro intentionally made ??wedding dress with long tail three kilometers to attract public attention.

Was not only made ??public fascinated, wedding dresses also broke the record for the longest wedding dress with tail.

Wedding dress with the longest tail is paraded into Rome’s ladder Trinita dei Monti in Italy as a form of celebration of the opening of the new workshop Molaro. Material thin white tile is covered dozens of rungs above the stone building Renaissance.

In fact, the wedding dress has been used a woman named Elena De Angelis on her wedding last September. Using a vintage car procession he did that intentionally with street sweeping tail. And, about 20 thousand people attended the wedding, specifically to see her wedding dress.

“I was delighted when asked to design the dress. I met tens of thousands of people who complimented my idea on the way to church,” said Molaro.

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