Wedding Bouquet For Your Special Day

Wedding Bouquet Untuk Hari Istimewa Anda

Bouquet flower arrangement as that held the bride is the most common option used to complement a wedding dress. What if you replace it with a unique and unusual to stand out from the others.

  • Origami
    Origami derived from the word “ori” meaning folding and “our” means paper is the art of paper folding that transforms a flat shape into another shape derived from cherry country, Japan. Now, not only small children who enjoyed origami, but all people can enjoy it. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you are using origami techniques to complement your wedding bouquet. Peek collections of origami rose as an alternative.
  • Satin ribbon
    Options bridal bouquet of flowers made from satin ribbon can be an attractive option, because the color can be made compatible with your party decorations. Additionally, satin will make you look more luxurious bouquet because the material will reflect light when exposed to light. Complete with accessories such as brooches to complement the bouquet sparkle in your grasp.

  • Paper Money
    Strung bouquet of banknotes is almost the same process with a bouquet of origami because it is made with the technique of folding and sticking. Bouquet of paper money could be a surprise of its own for a single lucky catch the throw paper of the bride. Make it more beautiful, you can choose which content is combined with a bouquet of flowers of other species and only a few flower-shaped slip them money.

Gives a unique impression on the circuit wedding bouquet will give different shades on your wedding reception. How, keen to give it a try? Hope it is useful.

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