Wedding concept Based Zodiac

Konsep Pesta Pernikahan Berdasarkan Zodiak

The wedding party is important for nearly everyone. It is not just about celebrating the changing status of the bride but also as party unity in which there is family, friends and relatives of the client even work. It is therefore no surprise that almost everyone would want to have a wedding as expected. In fact, almost all women have a dream wedding that has been his desire since childhood.

This time, will discuss the wedding style is based on the zodiac, zodiac Each also has its own style of marriage, following the zodiac along with the wedding style as follows :

1. Aries
Fun is what you want shown in the marriage of people with this sign. Not only is his joy with a partner, but they also want the excitement for the invitation. They like extremes place for a wedding. If given the choice of traditional or modern. They would choose a modern concept with many guests.

2. Taurus
Zodiac has a style that is classic and elegant wedding. They would choose a house or stately hotel is equipped with delicious food and drink. Elegant music was not forgotten presented in the marriage.

3. Gemini
Marriage for Gemini is a great thing in life. Therefore they will invite everyone they meet. That means a big party. They did not want a wedding that is too formal and rigid because they want to interact with the guests.

4. Cancer
The cancer want more intimate atmosphere than a big party. They prefer a wedding attended by those closest and warm taste.

5. Leo
For Leo, the wedding is a very stylish affair. A large guest list and place special is the important thing. They make it as special as possible because this should be a particular party which happens once in their lifetime.

6. Virgo
Chic, understated and full of elegance is perfectly describe a Virgo. Classy hotels and ancient churches ideal place for their wedding, and virgo very detailed in presenting this case. He will pay attention to every detail such as a parking lot or healthy food. Everyone will be made to feel welcome in the big day.

7. Libra
A wedding for Libra is a fairy tale romance along the way. They do not dream of selecting a tacky and they do not want to get married in a place that is airy, spacious and refined. Good music, and good food is very important. They are very strict on all the details.

8. Scorpio
Drama, drama and drama to the wedding Scorpio. Scorpio will not hold a marriage that was mediocre. Controlling the budget is a difficult thing to do when Scorpio married.

9. Sagittarius
For Sagittarius, music or sports is a theme that is appropriate for the perfect wedding. Bright, bold, with perfect color and the buffet food will make your guests to mingle. Selecting outdoor venue is the best option.

10. Capricorn
Clever and ambitious, Capricorn bride wants a wedding that is luxurious and recognized. They tend to like tradition so that their marriage will combine tradition with a modern wedding elegant.

11. Aquarius
For those who love freedom, Aquarius will be a stylish marriage of non-traditional. They will hold a unique wedding. Their wedding will probably be a mix of different styles with many unique touches.

12. Pisces
Marriage is ideal for Pisces is like in a fairy tale wedding complete with castles and romantic things. They prefer warm wedding compared with the big wedding. Marriage Pisces will be filled with shades of romance.

Similarly, information regarding the concept Wedding By Zodiac, may be useful to you.

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