Wedding Dress with Pants, Why Not?

Preparing for a wedding make you forget what your wedding dress later, when the wedding dress is one of the most important things you should prepare. Make no mistake choosing the wedding dress. In addition to comfortable, you can also express yourself through a wedding dress. For the free-spirited brides who want to look different, but comfortable during the party, the pants can be chosen. While it may sound simple, but the pants are not less interesting and can make you the center of attention.

1. Settings

Creating a suit jacket and a pair of lace material balance the masculine and feminine sides of the bride. Give the impression section through corset silhouette that protrudes from beneath your jacket. Gorgeous lace motif was still presents an elegant impression even though his silhouette themed androgyny.

2. Asymmetric

Luxury replace sequin asymmetrical cuts, but gave the impression of modern elegant. Plus ornaments cape that makes minimalist white jumpsuit looks luxurious.

3. Rich Detail

Who says the dress with a pair of unimpressed luxury. See detail of embroidery and embellishment gown, the bride on this one to make clothes look magnificent. Coupled with the ‘tail’ of tulle that extends to the back of the dress, is the perfect blend for those who want a comfortable but not lose the impression of luxury wedding dress.

4. Strapless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit back so choice. Feels that this time thanks to the elegant silhouette of heart shaped chest. Then slice wide pants that follow the motion of wearer’s feet were still feels formal and looked comfortable for the wedding party outdoors.

5. Classic Jumpsuit 

Model classic jumpsuit with palazzo pants is suitable for use in intimate weddings and casual. You can dance freely use this fashion. As a bonus, jumpsuit can be used again as everyday clothing after the party took place.

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