Wedding Dresses 2013

wedding dress 2013

wedding dress 2013

Designer Vera Wang wedding dress to make a breakthrough with a role in designing the wedding dress collection of shades of red.

Wedding dress is identical with the color white, fashion lovers were surprised by the wedding dress trends for Spring 2013 that dominated red.

Vera Wang’s latest collection of all red without an iota of white or ivory. Red colors range from bright red, dark magenta, red to burgundy.

Vera Wang is known as a special designer bridal gowns, although he also had to design other types of dresses. During this time, the designs have always been impressed feminine blend of classic and modern impression, and rich in detail.

To design this time, Vera Wang use a lot of details that are stacked ruffles. Not only looks feminine, these colored dresses seem ‘bold’ and sexy.

But the trend of wedding dress in red is not only done by Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta as well do the same thing. She inserts two red dress collection includes bridal gowns collection classic white.

According to the website WWD, presumably red color trends in the fashion wedding gown inspired wedding dress from China who uses color. Red in Chinese tradition believed to bring wealth and luck.

The plan, Vera Wang also plans to expand into Asia. Designer based in New York is also of Chinese descent, so she felt it was time to expand to their ancestral lands.

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