What does the perfect honeymoon?



Honeymoon is the most awaited moment of the newlywed couple . When the honeymoon, couples definitely want to do things that make relax and be a new experience .

A survey was held in the UK to find out what people think of the perfect honeymoon . From a survey of 2,000 people followed the perfect honeymoon is unknown when the couple could spend four days just to relax soaking up the sun , had read at least two books and enjoy three exciting activities .

Not only that , for one of the 10 people , could be called the perfect honeymoon when they can perform at least one activity together extreme . As quoted by the Daily Mail , the survey saw an increase of interest in diving partner adrenaline fueled activities such as bungee jumping and diving with sharks .

Certainly not only do extreme activities to do while honeymooning couples . On average, respondents said they also want to enjoy the moment a walk on the beach holding hands at least five minutes . They also want to pamper yourself with a spa treatment and a candle light dinner .

To be able to do all things considered it’s perfect , including extreme events , the couple feel 14 days is the most ideal time honeymooners . The honeymoon will also be called perfect when performed three days after the wedding . As for the budget , couples in the UK spend an average of £ 5,000 .

” We see a growing trend for the honeymoon with this particular agenda . Guys do not just want to just relax by the pool . They also want to know about the purpose and destination to go home with an interesting story , ” said Derek Jones , specialist holidays Kuoni luxury of conducting this survey .

According to him , newlywed couples now prefer to have an adventure , the couple did not hesitate to be active during their honeymoon , enjoy a variety of adventures , including a familiar culture in honeymoon location .

Are you going to be one of them ?

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