Who are Adam Thomas and The Souljers and how can they help with your UK Wedding

When it comes to your wedding and times are tough, it can be difficult to find the right mix of wedding entertainment for your guests, so it’s a great idea to find a group that can provide the right kind of fun and entertainment for everybody. This post will introduce the all swinging all dancing trio of funk stars known as Adam Thomas and The Souljers, a wedding band for Leicester, England that also play at a variety of functions, that have been rocking out at many wedding venues throughout the UK. We found out about what it is they do and why along with how it can impress wedding guests of all ages and get everyone moving.

Bound to the sound

You will be lucky to find another wedding entertainment group that are passionate about what they do more than The Souljers, starting off as a solo artist playing weddings as a lone wedding singer, Adam Thomas has had a great career with highlights such as playing alongside local snooker legend Mark Selby at his wedding in Mexico which can be viewed on their blog. They consider themselves as exhaustingly entertaining, putting all their time and effort into long choreographed pieces with dancers and backdrops that will be memorable for years after your wedding.

The band often take down surveys to understand their target audience and what people think of general wedding entertainment, they have had some great feedback from guests with more than two thirds of the guests they surveyed saying that they believed that the entertainment was the thing they remembered most from attending a wedding.

The Souljers unique wedding packages

Ranging from countryside venues around the UK to more city based venues in Leicestershire, they provide a full package which includes 2 live sets with dancers and a disco to keep your guests happy during the gaps between performances, the guests will have plenty to shout about. The packages can be demoed simply by attending one of their wedding fairs that they often play at during the wedding fair season, it can be a great way of trying before you buy.

The music styles played by the band vary from anything rat pack orientated through to Michael Buble swing with the members dressing up in a smart retro outfit complete with tuxedos and 1950’s mic stands, they go on then to play a second set which is a complete pick and mix live disco, this can include different artists from Outkast’s “Hey Ya” through to a bit of Paulo Nuttini.

They will go all out to provide the best performance and will include an optional consultancy service to assist you with anything related to the evening entertainment.

If your interested in more information about the Souljers then do also view their wedding band page for Leamington Spa and other information about the venues they can play in your area.

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