Why Consider Mythe Barn As Your Wedding Venue


One of the most crucial parts of arranging a wedding ceremony is choosing the venue because a wedding venue is not just a place with sufficient space to sit your guests. There is so much that goes into choosing the perfect wedding spot. The good news, however, is that if you are arranging your wedding in the United Kingdom, you can do it at the Mythe Barn. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this beautiful place as your wedding venue.
Strategic Location

Built in the Midlands, Leicestershire, Mythe Barn is becoming increasingly popular with couples who want a unique place to celebrate their weddings. For couples that love a peaceful and quiet day for their memorable day, Mythe Barn is strategic. It is set in the countryside, away from the bustle of city life. The venue not only caters for civil ceremonies but also wedding receptions and partnership ceremonies. Its location also makes the venue easily accessible from either Birmingham or Coventry; in fact, it only takes 30 minutes to drive to the Mythe Barn from these two places.

Perfect Photo Shoot Spots for Elegant Wedding Photography

A wedding in Mythe Barn will not be complete without great wedding photos. It has nice spots for taking photos; for example, you can take some at the river or in their beautiful gardens. The rooms are also perfect spots for a photo shots. It’s worthwhile to check out some examples of Mythe Barn wedding photography  from recognized wedding photographers such as Lee Glasgow to see just some of the shots that can be achieved.

Excellent Menu

If you are arranging your wedding at Mythe Barn, you do not have to organise for catering. Mythe Barn has its caterers known as Galloping Gourmet, who can turn your ceremony into something else. Their menu comprises both food and drinks, ranging from local cuisines to international ones. If you have preferences, you can communicate this to the caterers, and they will incorporate it in the menu. You can also decide to sample their special menu, which is made from fresh ingredients and local recipes.


Mythe Barn upholds the privacy of their clients. If you do your wedding at the venue, you will be guaranteed zero disruption from outsiders. The venue is also secure and offers both comfort and security for you and your guests. They also have a privacy policy for those who use their website. All information submitted when booking the venue or making inquiries is kept private and confidential.

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