Wisely Use Laser Therapy that Non Destructive Skin

terapi listrik wajah

Many ways to skin care, from the start of treatment with radio frequency, to laser treatments. Everything has its helpful to make the skin healthy and beautiful. However, among these treatments, treatments with laser techniques classified as very demanding public. This is because the laser can provide results faster.

However, the presence of these technologies misunderstood by the public. The use of laser frequencies much in demand with increasingly frequent and even bring a negative effect on the face. Many former patients face once found victims beauty clinic that has patches of white or black. That’s because the excessive use of laser.

Because, when performing laser technique patients in need of restoration prior to heal the wounds of the laser. If not so, the face and the skin will continue to be damaged. When performing laser therapy, skin injury is being done, so the results are better when it was healing. At least 2 weeks.May be useful for you. Thanks.

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